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Intentionally NOT Cooking!

Being intentional in all that I do also means being intentional in the things that I do NOT do, which includes (but is not limited to) cooking while on vacation. We typically stay in vacation rentals or condos when vacationing as a family, so there is always a fully furnished kitchen that only requires us to stock up on food and prepare the meals, however, I gladly take this break in our everyday work/school schedules, to also take a break from cooking. While I intentionally do not cook any meals while vacationing, I still intentionally make sure that my family and I are all well fed and happy, by seeking restaurants with the best reviews and local staples that we can dine at and create lasting memories. From delicious fresh seafood restaurants when we are visiting Florida, to authentic Mexican restaurants when visiting California. I intentionally take this cooking break to expose my family to different flavors, cooking styles, and cultures. I also pay close attention to the menus for meal ideas and recipes that I can recreate.

I say all of that to say, cooking intentionally extends far beyond physically preparing homecooked meals, it includes nurturing the pallets of those that you serve, learning various flavors, cooking methods, and cultural influences. Turn your vacationing experiences into memorable life skills that you and your family can take back home and apply to your everyday meal preparation.

Here are a few of my FAVORITES!

New Orleans, LA: Felix's

BEST chargrilled oysters

Huntsville, AL: Terranova's


New Orleans, LA: Willie's Chicken Shack

Anaheim, CA: Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles

Chicken/ Waffles/ Greens

Omaha, NE: OJ's Mexican Cafe

Chicken Enchilada

Huntsville, AL: Betty Maes





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