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Full Disclosure...What You See Is What You Get!

For as long as I can remember I have been a regular fan of cooking shows. From traditional in-the kitchen style cooking shows to the newer social media style cooking videos, however, I am always hyper-aware of the magic of editing and unrealistic cooking times. For a person that is not comfortable in the kitchen, or is trying to learn the basics, these kinds of videos can be intimidating and provide a false narrative when it comes to home cooking. I was recently introduced to the world of "TV Cooking" and my mind was blown when I found out that most if not all of the food is prop food! (Sarchasm) Prop food meaning, some food is only cooked enough to appear fully cooked and to appear visually appealing. For the sake of time I totally understand this logic, however, we WILL NOT adopt this practice for Let's Eat! Rest assured that every dish that appears in association with the Let's Eat brand is fully cooked and prepared for someone to actually eat.

We take great pride in transparency, so much so that it is important that the recipe recommendations that we share and live cooking classes we conduct always capture the true essence of what you can ACTUALLY expect when you prepare the meals. We will not share with you anything that we will not eat or feed our family. PERIOD!

BOOK UPDATES ***************

I'm so pleased to share that the hardcover version of Lets's Eat is in full production, so everyone that ordered a HARDCOVER book will receive an email with your shipping information and tracking number as soon as the label is created. Please remember, the ordering process for the HARDCOVER books was a PRE-ORDER, so now that PRE-ORDERS are closed, those books are being printed, hardcover bound, and shipped out. Each hardcover book is personally signed by me, shipped FREE, and includes a special gift. The PAPERBACK version of the book is available on Amazon, however, you miss out on it being signed and the special gift. I want to personally thank you for your love and support. We have so much in store for you all over the next few months, and your purchase of the book is going to give you FREE access to the following:

  1. Live cooking classes

  2. Meal Prep Sessions

  3. Charcuterie Boards 101

  4. Homecooking Q&Q

  5. Sneak Peek into Book #2 (All things BBQ)...



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