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Food Funk


I enjoy prepping meals for my family, effectively grocery shopping, and even stocking up both the pantry and deep freezer, however, at times I still fall into a Food Funk. When I'm in a Food Funk not only do I not know what to cook, but I don't have a taste for ANYTHING. I look over my meal plans, ask my family, look online, but NOTHING moves me. I feel like I have cooked everything and nothing seems to excite my tastebuds.

Being fully aware that I'm in the midst of a Food Funk, I don't try to talk myself out of what I'm feeling, I actually allow myself to work through it, with these steps:

  1. Remember that my family will eat whatever I decide to prepare, so don't stress about what they want or do not want.

  2. Ordering take-out is OK.

  3. Provide some sort of a meal to my family as I figure out what I would like to eat. (A smoothie or meal replacement shake is OK)

  4. Think about my favorite place to travel to and the meals I enjoy eating there. Allow these memories to drive my tastebuds.

  5. Remember, a meal does not have to be meat, vegetables, and some sort of starch. Enjoy a fruit plate, or even a charcuterie board and a glass of wine.

  6. GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK...Intentionally.



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