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I recently posted an image of me ironing my husband's shirt with a caption that detailed how I enjoy this intentional labor of love. I think it is time that we take the training wheels off Let's Eat and apply more pressure. I often explain that Let's Eat is an entire lifestyle brand that encompasses Intentional Togetherness, Intentional Communication, and Intentional Love, with food being ONE of the many vessels that can be used to assist with the journey.

When we switch gears from food being the vessel to acts of service, I immediately think about my marriage.

(Preface: We are, and have always been a couple that created our own way to be "married" we do what works for us. As you read about our journey, please take away from it, whatever you may need, and ignore what you don't. As long as what you do and how you do it makes sense to you and your partner, that is all that matters)

We do not care what our parents did or didn't do, we don't care what is trendy, we don't care what our friends do...We spend our time rescuing each other. Yep, that right we are constantly rescuing each other, or doing whatever is needed to ensure that we are individually mentally, spiritually, physically, financially...well so that we can be of service to each other. Small acts of kindness fall right into this category. When a person is loved properly intentional acts of kindness and what some may see as a time-consuming chore, is intentionally done as a labor of love. With our marriage being the nucleus of our family, this idea pours down into our children and is evident in the lives of our extended family and friends.

For some couples it's ironing and cooking, for others, it may be exercising together, or even just a few moments of quiet time cuddling before the day starts, whatever it is, INTENTIONALLY do it.

When I was a child a stranger intentionally gave me a peach and it changed my entire life! Read more about it when you order your copy of Let's Eat.


Mr. & Mrs. Let's Eat

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