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Straight up with Shavonne

Around 2013 I began the hashtag #cookingwithezz (has evolved into #letseat) with the idea to simplify everyday family meals by showing my social media family how to prepare the meals and to provide encouragement along the way. I don’t have a specialty, as I cook all kinds of delicious meals, however my favorite meal to prepare is stewed chicken over basmati rice. I am most proud that I have taken the leap to inscribe my legacy by writing a cookbook titled “Let’s Eat” Encouraging Intentional Togetherness, Communication and Love through home cooking experiences. Cooking has been a passion of mine since I was a child and I enjoy doing it, however, I learned early on that the art of breaking bread with others is a vessel that can be used to bridge so many gaps. Looking at cooking as a way to communicate on various levels, is what sets “Let’s Eat” apart. 

Daily I have to remind people that yes, I can cook amazing food, but I am not a chef, caterer or aspiring restaurant owner. My focus is to “ENCOURAGE INTENTIONAL TOGETHERNESS, COMMUNICATION AND LOVE THROUGH HOME COOKED MEALS” So yes, I am going to provide you with easy, delicious recipes to follow and tip and tricks to make your dining experiences memorable, however, I want you to write down your meal steps, important information about your guests, and any important information that made the occasion special. It can simply be a Monday night family dinner where your making frozen pizza, but take that opportunity and teach your son how to properly use the oven or how to differentiate various cheeses and fresh herbs. I am constantly reminding people that it only about 50% of the taste of the actual meal that makes a dining experience memorable. I find so much joy in embracing the value of Intentional togetherness, communication, and love. Come on this journey with me as I help you tap into this intentional living. 

ShaVonne Cammack


"Prayer, handwork, preparation, transparency, and generosity are the principles that guide all facets of my life and my business is an extension of that”.

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